Kavallerie Shepherds Puppies

***Notice*** We are not a breeding business, this is our hobby and our home, we do not have "facilities" and we do not have puppies available at all times. Our breedings we choose to do are planned well ahead of time with goals in mind and most always we keep pup(s) to improve our next generation. If you're looking for a pup to purchase spontaneously do not contact us. we're not the breeder for you. We seek dedicated individuals in which dogs are a lifestyle and not just a dog or a pet.


LOTS of big changes taking place in 2018! Hopefully we will be relocating for starters! We will NO LONGER have any winter litters, this winter has been an extreme struggle, it's a full time job just keeping our 2 wood stoves burning and caring for our home (not even including ourselves), dogs and horses, let alone a litter! I do not want to go one more Thanksgiving where we do not celebrate because we're too busy to even cook a meal or travel to see family! Something must give! I also do not feel the pups can experience life as fully as they can when the weather is more agreeable for all! We will have 2 litters a year (max) and deposits will be accepted in January for the two litters, if they are to take place. Three of each gender for each litter, no more. The remaining deposits will be accepted when the litters are born. This is for our own personal health and well being as well as to ensure the pups start off on the best foundation possible.

 Before going home our puppies are exposed to gunfire, car rides, zip line, started on crate training, all sorts of surfaces such as tile, wood, glass, metal and more!, heights, different sights, different sounds using the Clix CD, porch stairs (puppies should not be climbing lots of steps all the time so we do not do large staircases until older), water as long as it's not frozen, woods, age appropriate agility equipment if the pups show they're ready to do this. On their free time they're allowed free run of the backyard where there's a combination or shade, grass trees & dirt. where they can play as long as they want with the mother and litter mates. This part is so important since there are so many things humans can not replicated in which the mother teaches the pups. We cover so many things that I'm sure I'm missing many things that aren't mentioned above!!! Below you will find a sampling of things we do with the pups.


Puppy exposure & confidence building prior to going home



wire mesh a-frame

6' X 3' see-through glass catwalk

carpeted a-frame

puppy zip-line

German Shepherd Puppy training

exposure to gunfire

Pup testing first piece built


Progeny, Pictures Speak More Than Words!

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