How you go about submitting xrays to the SV in Germany

Submission of Hips and Elbows should be done between 12 to 15 months of age. Once your xrays are submitted you will receive hip elbow certification from Germany. Passing Hip and Elbow scores are a1 normal, a2 fast normal and a3 Noch Zugelassen

Poor hips and elbows are rated at 4 moderate (Mittlere) and 5 severe (Schwere)

Our aim as breeders is of course to keep within the average of the breed. a1, 2 & 3 all of which are functional joints with minimal impact on life and work.

  1. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and request "a stamp hip and elbow forms". In this email include your full name and mailing address so they know where to send the forms.
  2. Make and appointment with a vet comfortable taking xrays for SV and/or OFA.
  3. Once you get your forms fill out your portion of the forms. If you don't have it already you will need to order a 4 generation pedigree from the AKC. You may also need a tattoo/microchip certification form & here
  4. Here is a link to the GSDCA-WDA which stands for the German Shepherd Dog Club of America - Working Dog Association
  5. Once the xrays are done, forms are complete mail them with appropriate documents to the GSDCA-WDA, then they forward your xrays to the SV in Germany. 
  6. Patiently wait! It takes approximately 6 weeks to get your results back!
  7. Once rated your dog is given a "breeding value" and will be added to the German database This helps us and the breeding of German Shepherds. Unfortunately OFA has nothing like this and why we choose not to use them. The breeding value is calculated by your dog's rating and all the dogs in their pedigree.
  8. To date the SV in Germany has rated over 6000,000 German Shepherds!

A note on Hip and Elbow Dysplasia...

Hip dysplasia is a disease of complex inheritance. It is well recognized that environmental (non-genetic) factors can influence the expression of diseases of complex inheritance. Food consumption, body weight, condition and age are found to be potent environmental (non-genetic) factors affecting the early onset and severity of Osteoarthritis.

Restricted food intake has a profound, beneficial effect on radiographic hip joint phenotype. Diet-restricted dogs have significantly lower frequency and severity of Chronic Hip Dysplasia compared to overfed dogs.

DO NOT OVERFEED YOUR DOG OR PUPPY! EVER! You should feel the ribs (without searching) and should be able to see their last 2 ribs while panting after exercise!

A restricted diet also prolongs your dogs longevity

An interesting study on HD from Germany which suggests HD is 20% genetic 80% environment if you care to view and translate it, &