It's very common for many folks to seek out Hobby Dog breeders but one thing you don't see posted anywhere are the actual downsides to purchasing a puppy from a Hobby Dog Breeder!

Fact of the matter is our life and lively-hood is not reliant on the sale of a puppy! This means that we don't always have puppies available year round and cannot meet the demand of providing puppies to all whom are looking. Sadly many emails go un-reposnded to, often amazing people!!! This actually bothers me a LOT but I'm only one person replying to messages as often as time & life permits!

We don't have "business hours" and this often leaves you having to work around odd times and schedules where and when our time permits.

We don't hire outside help or have people working for us, this means there will never be that right there right now customer service before or after the acquisition of a puppy. Yes, we keep in touch with everyone (and we must to know what we're producing!!!!) and help out when needed but we're two people so responses are sadly delayed at times since we're also living our own lives.

Commercial breeders often have a staff on hand to answer questions immediately and also provide you with a puppy in a relatively short amount of time. Often commercial breeders also offer some type of training classes and programs for you and your dog. Being this is a hobby and not a lively-hood we would not have time for our own lives and jobs if we were to run training programs and obedience classes. Hobbyist often spend most of their spare time with their dogs and researching genetics & breeding and ways to improve upon what they already have for their own personal use. We do however offer resources to train your dog as well as assistance pointing you in the direction of reputable trainers.

We don't have "facilities" for you to see or visit. Remember this is a hobby breeding program not a place of business! Commercial breeders on the other hand usually have facilities and a building in which they're able to show you dogs and readily able to welcome strangers. Remember most have a staff available to do so!

Hobby breeders often don't have a set process for adopting a puppy, many times it goes by gut instinct and conversations in which they've had with people and feel they will be a right fit for the puppy(s) in which they produced from a particular breeding pair. Puppies are never first come first serve so just because a puppy is available for sale does not mean just because you inquire first that you're the best match for the puppy.

Wait times are often lengthy and can sometimes be 12 + months long vs a commercial breeder you could be home with a puppy in no time.

This is all for now, I do plan on adding to this page as time permits. I will not go into detail about the downside of commercial breeders since this has been written about time and time again!